Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Book review: The Buried Pyramid

Today's book review is The Buried Pyramid by Jane Linskold.

Linskold's last several novels have been in her extremely tasty Wolf series, but this one is unrelated.  I don't think I'm violating my own rules to say that it starts out as a straight historical story, a story of exploration in Egypt by Victorians, with elements of mystery thrown in, and then suddenly takes a right-angle hyperspace jump into something... strange.

It is engagingly written throughout.  The characters are believable and sympathetic where they should be.  Up until the hyperspace jump, the plot is straightforward, and it's a fair adventure.  That jump, though, is rather disconcerting; I think I'm still a bit dizzy.  The story is less sensible than it should be after the discontinuity; some things seem to happen just because the author wanted them to and not because they fit in the story.  It's not a complete failure; it's engaging and thought provoking, but the last part of the book (not the very ending, but the last several chapters) are less than fully satisfying.  And there's a bit of the dreaded Time Plot in there (going back and fixing the past), which damages any book and ruins many.

Not her best work by a long shot, but overall still a reasonably good book.  7 out of 10.
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