Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

ConClave, and sleeping at cons in general

I would like to go to ConClave in a month, but lacking an income, I'm not able to go on my usual terms.  If I remember their volunteer policy aright, I'm quite willing to work the hours required to get my membership fee reimbursed, and I'm willing to eat (most of) my meals out of a cooler and the consuite, but the big expense of a con is the hotel room.  I can't justify the expense of a room to myself.  This means that I'm testing the waters to see if there's someone out there who is willing to be accomodating for an involuntarily difficult roommate.

The problem is that I have, and always have had as far back as I can remember, extreme difficulty falling asleep.  A good night is one where I only spend an hour tossing and turning, and unfamiliar non-white noises in the room, such as another person breathing, can keep me sleepless essentially the whole night.  Something like 15 years ago, I realized that I had enough money I could just afford my own room at cons, and since that realization I just stopped worrying about it, but I need a cheaper solution now, or I'll have to cut way back on cons.  For the foreseeable future, I'll be relying on earplugs, some kind of white noise generator if my roommate(s) will permit it, and possibly over-the-counter sleep medication.

If you're going to ConClave, a reasonably quiet sleeper yourself, and willing to put up with a roommate who isn't, let me know.  Alternatively, I'm interested in any suggestions on how I can sonically isolate myself without disturbing other people trying to sleep nearby, keeping in mind that any solution has to be robust enough that it can handle the punishment of quite a lot of shifting position (I don't think any normal personal listening device would last until morning).
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