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All my friends were jumping off this bridge... - Phil's Rambling Rants — LiveJournal
September 19th, 2005
03:43 pm


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All my friends were jumping off this bridge...

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Date:September 19th, 2005 09:14 pm (UTC)

Re: All my friends were jumping off this bridge...

7. I feel guilty when I shop at a large national chain.

i don't so much feel guilty, as nag myself for being so lazy and/or cheap. about a year ago i finally managed to internalise just how bad walmart is, and began to boycott it completely.

10. I would defend my property with lethal force.

it really depends on what property of mine we're talking about. i would definitely defend my cats with deadly force. i would probably defend the boat against destruction with deadly force, though probably not against theft. theft of anything else? no. generally i would be more inclined to act with force against destruction, and not against theft. and i don't think a home owner who shoots the silver burglar in the back while he's leaving is justified, sorry. while doing it in the front when there's actually a fear of being in danger oneself, yes, i am ok with that. i can see arming myself with deadly weapons only if i am in fear of social unrest (hurricanes count), and again, it's not about people who steal, but about people who destroy. i hold no truck at all with wanton destruction and consider it a much worse crime than theft.

What I'm really troubled by is the eroding distinction between reality and marketing.

and between reality and entertainment; the admixture of fact and fiction without clarification of which is which. bothers me a lot. people are already bad enough at remembering facts, blurring the lines doesn't do any of us any favours.
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