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Phil Parker

Fund raisers for the cats

I hope that no one will feel that I am spamming here.  I will friends lock this post if I get a lot of complaint.

Two fundraising things have just become available, both things that might be of interest to people and do generate money for good causes.

First, FCF is holding a raffle for a trip for two to Zulu Nyala Game Park in South Africa, including air fare, 6 nights accomodations, all meals, and two guided game-viewing tours each day.  The value of the prize is about $7000.  Tickets are $10; you can get them from me, or you can get them on line, follow the link.  In the interest of full disclosure, for every 10 tickets I sell I get one free one for myself, and the FCF member who sells the most tickets gets free membership and hotel room at next year's FCF convention in Cincinnati.  So I theoretically have an interest, but I'm definitely not doing it for the inducements.

Second, the 2006 EFRC calendar is available.  If you're someone I will actually see in person, I can get one for you and you won't have to worry about (or pay for) having it mailed to you.  The calendar is $15, all of which goes to helping the cats, and you get a calendar with gorgeous pictures, one of which is by yours truly.

If you're interested in either of these, get in touch with me.  (email should reach me at tigertoy at livejournal dot com.)  Tickets are available for the raffle until Feb. 1.  The calendar is a traditional one that covers January through December.
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