Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


Does anyone reading this have any personal experience with CafePress, either as a customer buying their products or as a "shopkeeper" selling them?  I'm interested in putting some products out there, and it appears to be a way to do it without a big outlay of either cash or setup effort up front.  Their prices are kind of high, though.  The way the pricing works is that each product has a base price, which is what CafePress takes out of the selling price you actually set for the item on your "shop" page.  The base prices are high enough that I'd have to keep the markup (the amount of money I make on each one) on items I put out there pretty low, or else push the price of the item up into my personal "that's awful expensive for a calendar/T shirt/etc." range.  I am curious what people who have dealt with them have to say about the product quality, the prices, and the company policies.  Would something being made and sold through CafePress make you more or less ready to buy it than if it were the same price on a custom web site that you hadn't otherwise heard of?  Does putting my stuff on CafePress mark me as a dilettante, or is it a credible first step for a professional?
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