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Phil Parker

Honeysuckle day

It being an absolutely perfect day, this afternoon I went for a walk at Homer Lake, and I took my camera.  And even though I should be in bed now (have to get up painfully early tomorrow), I'm taking the time to share some of them here.

Since I used it as the title for this entry, I'll start off with one of the pictures I took of the honeysuckle berries, which are all over the park looking very lovely.

honeysuckle berries

I love great blue herons, and one of the best things about Homer Lake is that I can usually see one or two of them there.  I got some pretty good shots of this one as it flew around, deciding on a place to land.

Heron in flight

Later in the trip, I saw another water bird, a somewhat less common sight at Homer Lake but not, as far as I know, really unusual:  a cormorant.  He was sitting on a snag out in the middle of the lake; I was not close to him, but I was using a 500 mm lens.


In addition to the large water birds, the place was just hopping with migrating warblers.  I got a few pictures, including this yellow-rumped warbler.  I'm pretty sure that's his species, it's certainly an accurate description.

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Finally, I'll leave you with two different views of the fall colors seen across the lake.

Fall colors

More fall colors
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