Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Cellphone foo

Several weeks ago, my cell phone apparently died on me.  Nothing I did would make it respond to the world in any way.  Because I'm too lazy, I never did anything about it, and now I'm going on a trip tomorrow where I want to have it.  So I bought a new one last night.  (The basic TracFone is only $20.)  I was getting ready to call up TracFone customer service and have them transfer my account, including the minutes and the number, to the new phone, when I fiddled with the old phone a bit.  I reseated the SIM card (I know I did this before), and pushed the on button, and *beep* it turned on.  It now seems to be working fine, which leaves me questioning my own sanity.

So, assuming it continues to work properly (if there was ever anything wrong with the phone rather than the user), I find myself with an extra basic model TracFone.  I've already opened the package, put in the SIM card, and charged it.  I imagine it would be more than $20 worth of hassle to get my money back, if I could do so at all, since the package is opened, and being one of these wonderful modern plastic packaging horrors, opening the package means destroying it.

Anyone want a brand-new but unboxed TracFone?  The one I have served me quite well on my trip to Florida.  Some of the other prepaid cell phones appear to be cheaper (I haven't looked into them in detail), but TracFone claims to have the widest coverage.  I'd like to get the $20 I paid for it back, unless the person I give it to needs the money worse than I do.
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