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Phil's Rambling Rants
October 24th, 2005
11:33 pm


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OVFF report: Highlights

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Date:October 27th, 2005 02:11 pm (UTC)
Hi, I was pointed over here by way of [info]'s OVFF report. Just wanted to let you know I've got an LJ but all I use it for is to mirror my webcomic (and post in other people's journals).

I'm really flattered about the reception "Rich Fantasy Lives" got, and your kind words. I think it would be wonderful if the song were nominated next year, not for my sake so much as for the song's. In the short time it has existed, it's become clear that it has real meaning for people, and I would like to see it take a life of its own.

I've been a clown my whole life. Most of what I have written has been meant for laughs. ALL of my other filks are parodies and goofs. I'm trying to get my head around the fact that I wrote something that makes people cry...that makes ME cry sometimes. I'm like a mother cuckoo with a clutch of baby cuckoos in the nest, and one eagle. I'd like to see that eagle find its own way.
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