Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Stove In!

From the about-freakin'-time department:

As I write this, I'm eating the first meal cooked on my brand new stove.  The first meal I've cooked on a stove at all since July, when the old one croaked.  It first died just before I left for Florida, and I couldn't possibly deal with it before then.  When I got back, I managed to muster the motivation to go to Lowe's and Sears to look at stoves, but both places told me that they couldn't hook up an LP gas stove.  And I fell back into my hole, and got into a pattern of using the slow cooker birder2 got me for Christmas to cook what I needed to eat.  In early October, I went back to Lowe's, because when I'd been there in August they'd said they were going to be able to do LP gas starting in September, but they told me that LP gas was still "real soon now".  One of the salesmen on the floor told me that he'd just gotten an LP gas stove at Champaign Appliance.  I went over there, but despite what the Lowe's guy had said, they are only open until 5, and it was after 5 that day.  Last Wednesday, I mustered the motivation to get over to Champaign Appliance while they were open, and I found a fairly basic Hotpoint with sealed burners and electronic ignition (the features I wanted) and without having to pay extra for features I didn't want like a self-cleaning oven.  It was slightly more than I'd hoped to pay -- a little over $500 for the stove, the LP conversion kit, tax, and hauling away the old hulk -- but if I put it off to try to save $100 who knows how many months it would be before I finally got it.  So I paid for it and we scheduled installation for today, and they arrived right on schedule about 2 hours ago.
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