Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


I drove to southern Indiana today to visit tiger cubs.  I took pictures and I will try to share some, but I want to post something now and go to bed.

400 miles of driving, the gas, all that time in the car -- totally worth it.  In fact, based on my self-evaluation of my mood 7 hours after leaving compared to the last few weeks, I think tiger cubs are a very cost effective and promising treatment for depression.

I was thinking, if baby tigers were a drug, it would be illegal.  I meant it as a joke, but I started thinking about it more.  Tigers are becoming illegal in more and more places, and the reasons might be more like recreational drugs than we thought.  In big cat discussions, we often talk about how if other people really understood what these animals mean to us, they wouldn't be so ready to ban them, but I'm having a sickening feeling that part of the reason that people want to ban them is precisely because they realize how much they mean to us.  There's a very unpleasant but very real human tendency to resent anyone else enjoying anything, especially something we're afraid to try ourselves.  (It's the root of the whole concept of sin, and maybe I ought to write about that in another post, but I shouldn't digress more here.)
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