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Phil's Rambling Rants
November 19th, 2005
07:52 pm


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Album review: Water Over the Bridge

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Date:November 21st, 2005 09:01 pm (UTC)


Phil, I think this is as fine a review as one could get from a friend -- which isn't damning you with faint praise; I am well aware of the reality that every so often it's really difficult to be completely honest and friendly at the same time! And there's nothing in here I could possibly disagree with in any event. I did think, though, that Louie's duplication of this was just a conventional CD, duplicated onto other conventional CDs; the "word" CD-R, in this context, baffles me as I don't know how we wound up with something that can't be played on a car stereo. (We had a rental car for a few days while our car was in the shop, and played the CD -- a copy, not the original -- on the rental car's stereo several times; there didn't seem to be a problem.) If we started with the conventional CD we thought we had, and yet wound up with CD-Rs in spite of everything, we need to look at an alternative way of duplicating it, as we'd wanted to get something that was the equivalent of a commercial CD, in every respect but the fact that we'd be duplicating dozens rather than thousands.

I also think you were scrupulously fair about my singing voice. You probably know that I have a mechanical problem with my vocal apparatus -- the right-hand vocal cord vibrates at only half the speed of the left, the two cords don't meet in the middle, and Dr. Merrill Biel couldn't figure out how I was getting any sound at all. So I feel proud that I'm doing any singing, but certainly, most people who are interested in fine singing voices would be playing just about any CD but my own! I do know one disc jockey in Mankato, Minnesota, an old college friend -- perhaps we'll see whether Pete agrees with you that I'm not likely to get airplay. I think "Starmaker" would be a song for him to try, since so much of it is Becca and Louie singing, rather than me. But that'll be his call.

In any event, thanks for everything, and let's see if this fine review results in my getting a bit more interest from our LJ friends.

Nate Bucklin
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