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I meant to post something about this earlier, and somehow it slipped my mind.

Chambanacon is this weekend.  It's unfortunately still in Springfield, not in Champaign-Urbana, but it's still a good time.  I hope that some people are planning to go -- I've very distressed that several people that I think should be there have told me they're not coming.

In case anyone hasn't heard -- Chambanacon has never been very good at publicity, and this year has been weaker than some -- Tim Zahn is the Guest of Honor.  Long time C-U residents will remember that Tim used to live in Urbana at the beginning of his writing career.  I'm pretty sure I have not seen him since he left, and I can't recall any mention of him having been a guest at any midwest conventions.  Doesn't prove he never has, but certainly it's a rare appearance.

Anyone who's coming, make me feel better by saying so.  If you're not, you're still my friends, even though certain people not being there really stings.  If anyone wants to plan on doing anything at the con, speak up.
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