Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

GaFilk is coming

The next major event on my social calendar is GaFilk, Jan. 6-8, and I'm getting excited even though they haven't announced the Super Secret Guest yet.  I will probably get out for an overnight or two before then, but I don't expect any major trips or events before then.  The holidays are low key for me normally, and will be more so this year.

So who's going to GaFilk?  Would anyone actually want to do anything with me, and even more oddly, plan it ahead of time?  I'll be driving down with my mom.  We normally leave Thursday afternoon or evening, spend Thursday night somewhere between Paducah and Nashville, get to the con Friday afternoon, stay over Sunday night, and drive all the way back Monday.  We could conceivably take a third passenger; if someone needs a ride from Urbana, speak up and we can see if it makes sense.
Tags: cons, life, travel
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