Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

LJ clients (I hate computers)

Probably the most frustrating thing about computers is the way that, once you've gotten something working the way you want it to, and it's working fine, it will just stop working.

Earlier today I discovered that my Firefox Session Saver was not working, when I accidentally closed Firefox (I hit Alt+F4 instead of Ctrl+F4) and when I restarted it it came up blank. A couple of other things were not working right. I decided that, since my install seemed to have gotten gorked, perhaps it was time to update, since my version of Firefox is fairly old. So I did that, and discovered that none of my extensions were working. I managed to find a new version of Session Saver and it seems to work. Duplicate Tab now seems to be working, and its coalesce windows feature seems to be working. But I can't find any version of the Snapback Tab extension (which kept track of like the last 10 tabs that you closed in a menu that let you bring them back, and in the same position in the tab bar list to boot, a great feature for someone who frequently manages to close the wrong tab by mistake). And worse, I can't find Deepest Sender, my LJ client, through either the Mozilla site or the LJ page. For the first time in approximately forever, I am using the standard web interface to write an LJ entry.

So, do people out there use the standard page (, or do you use a client? If you use a client, what client do you use, is it compatible with XP and Firefox 1.5, what features does it have to recommend it, and where can I get it? This default web form is wimpy, the rich text version doesn't seem to allow any text entry at all, and in any case, I started using Deepest Sender because I found it was less likely to make my posts suddenly vaporize after a long time writing.

(Update: I tried to post this, and when I clicked on "update journal", instead of posting the entry, it dropped me into the rich text editor with all of my paragraphs mashed into one.  At least I can type in the rich text editor now.  Not confidence inspiring; I do hope someone can recommend a client.)
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