Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

5 weird habits

I usually eschew memes, but this one seems like an amusing opportunity to actually tell something about myself, rather than reaching into a hat for one of a small number of canned messages.

The meme, picked up from cadhla and figmo:  write a journal entry describing 5 "quirky, weird, or unusual habits".  The entry must also describe these rules and invite interested parties to do it in their own journal.  (That would be this paragraph right here.)

  1. I have an almost pathological hatred of waiting for elevators.  As a result, when I check into a hotel I tend to make a nuisance of myself asking the desk clerk for a room on as low a floor as possible.  I've been known to walk up as many as eight floors just so I wouldn't have to wait for an elevator.

  2. This one is actually a habit that I don't have that almost everyone else does, but it certainly marks me as weird.  I do not own a television and essentially never watch TV. This means that when you're talking about how cool last night's Supernatural was, or even how wonderful the Buffy series was, I may smile and nod politely, but I don't actually know what you're talking about.

  3. I have a borderline obsession about finger- and toenails.  If I become conscious of having nails, I *have* to trim them, or if I don't have access to a clipper, to tear them off.  This means I can never grow fingernails to pluck strings with.

  4. When I eat a food that is a mixture of recognizable pieces of different things, I always try to have a bit of each thing in every bite.  F'rinstance, if I were having stew, I would want a bit of beef, a bit of carrot, a bit of potato, a bit of celery, and some barley in each bite. If the chunks of the different items are too big to combine them this way, it bothers me slightly.

  5. I talk to myself.  This in itself is probably not that weird, but when I talk to myself, I use a peculiar dialect, where I use a mixture of made-up words that I've collected over the years and ordinary words that have different meanings when I use them.  I think I am pretty good about keeping this subvocal when there are people who can hear me, but if you should hear me use such strange expletives as "Pants!" or "fnordication!", it's either a clue that you've snuck up on me and I don't know you're there, or that my grip on reality is looser than usual. If pressed, I could probably provide definition, etymology, and explanation for all of these odd words and usages, but many of them would be embarrassing.

I think that provides a good sample of the weird things about me that I'm comfortable writing about and you're comfortable reading about.  As for the others, we're not going there.
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