Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Am I becoming the slave of my camera?

On my morning walk, I took pictures of an oriole, a palm warbler, a catbird, and a great blue heron who flew overhead.

At work, I talked to my boss about getting a new PC, and he helped me spec it out. I will probably order the parts tomorrow; it will run around $800 with shipping. I also asked if it would be OK for me to set up a personal page on the company web server that I could put a few images in; he said it would be no problem as long as I kept the total size pretty small.

I took another walk this evening, at the U of I Forestry plot in south Urbana. I got pictures of what I'm pretty sure is a green heron.

And as I drove away from the Forestry plot , there was a hawk on a street light who actually stayed there while I parked, got out my camera, and took his picture.

As I look over this post, it seems that photography is taking over my life.
Tags: camera, life, tech, toys
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