Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

ConFusion awaits

All my arrangements are in place for ConFusion, and it really seems like I'm going.  For some reason, it hasn't seemed very real to me (maybe it's that nothing seems very real to me in the mental state I'm in right now).  The dogs will be spending the weekend with their breeder; my next door neighbor who usually dog-sits is out of town, and I'm worried that poor Windy doesn't have enough hair left to spend the weekend without heat.  It will be interesting getting both dogs in the car, but I imagine I'll be able to work something out.

If anyone in LJ-land wants to do anything with me, speak up.  I expect to be stalking Heather for the weekend and generally attending filk.  I'm trying to avoid spending much money, which in particular means that I don't plan to eat restaurant meals by myself -- I'll supplement the con suite with what I bring in my cooler.  But I will let myself be dragged off to dinner by interesting people.

I've run through several obscure Cindy McQuillin songs that I'll be ready to sing -- they won't be highly polished arrangements, but I should know the tunes and not stumble too much on the lyrics.  Here's a partial list; if anyone has anything to say about these, speak up.

  • Ryan's Star

  • Three Sisters

  • Crimson and Crystal

  • Cold Dreams

  • Lament of a Dry Town Bride

  • Ballad of a Peacetime Soldier

  • Gilda and the Dragon

  • Fuel to Feed the Drive

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