Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Africa safari raffle

Just one more very quick mention that the deadline for me to mail in the tickets for FCF's raffle of an African safari is tomorrow.  If you're someone I know and will see sometime soon, email me (at my LJ address) with your contact info (name/address/phone/email) and how many tickets you want, and I'll float you the money and collect the $10/ticket when I see you.  (Or you can purchase tickets on line through the above link, but you'll need to Paypal the money in, for an extra $1.)  The retail value of the prize is around $7000 and so far there have only been 600ish tickets sold, so it's actually good odds as well as a good cause.  I won't mention it again (unless I or someone I sold a ticket to wins).
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