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New Computer blues - Phil's Rambling Rants — LiveJournal
May 8th, 2004
12:04 am


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New Computer blues
So, having finally decided that my home PC is just too slow to live with, I ordered the parts for the new one, with Mike's help, on Tuesday. Some of it showed up Thursday, and the rest got here today (or I should say Friday since it's after midnight?) I basically watched Mike put it all together. It would have taken me at least 5 times as long as it took him. So far, life is good.

Then we turned it on, and life ceased to be good. The fans and the disk drive spin up, but nothing else happens. No POST. No video. Nothin'. We put a PCI video card in, and it appears to be fine.

About this point, Mike had to leave for the weekend. I've pored over the motherboard manual and the BIOS settings, and can't find anything wrong. But take out the video card and try to use the on-board video, and nothing. I'll give Mike a chance to see if he can magic it up, but I'm pretty sure the on-board video is DOA.

Which leaves me with the frustrating choice of (a) buy a video card, even though I've already paid for built-in video, or (b) be stuck without a computer that I need for however long it takes to send the motherboard back and get a replacement. Just based on utility to me, I should clearly go with (b), but it really honks me off to let a company get away with selling me a broken product. On the other hand, it really honks me off to still be stuck with an ever-increasing backlog of photos that I haven't properly identified, organized, and done stuff with because it's just too painful on this poor old machine.

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