Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

UK to Ban Smoking

As reported in this BBC article, the British House of Commons has approved a measure to ban smoking in all indoor public places, including pubs, restaurants, and importantly, private clubs.  The private clubs restriction is important, because private clubs are big business, and if they could continue to allow smoking, it could really hurt the other businesses.  (I don't know enough about Britain to know just how exclusive the private clubs are, but I could easily see it being a legal loophole to defang the smoking ban.)

Go Britain!  Smokers have the right to poison themselves, but they don't have any right to poison the people that serve them or to force non-smokers to choose between being poisoned or not have a social life.  The idea seems to be catching on more and more; I've heard there's even a statewide smoking ban before the Illinois legislature, though I don't know the details (like if it includes bars, or allows a "private club" exemption).  Maybe in a few years, I will be able to experience the joy of live music without the torture of a smoke-induced headache somewhere other than a con or house concert.
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