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Phil Parker

Book review: Seven Wild Sisters

Today's second book review is Seven Wild Sisters by Charles de Lint.

After wading through Freedom and Necessity, I was looking for something quick and light, and even after knocking off Outward Bound I still wasn't ready to dive into anything deep.  So I thought this special edition of Seven Wild Sisters, with illustrations by Charles Vess, would be good.  It's a short novel; in fact, it's just a part of a collection of stories in the regular edition, but I'd picked up this special edition a couple of years ago, I think when de Lint was the GoH at Windycon.

This is a delightful little story.  It is the kind of story that might be marketed as YA, but only because it's a nice little story that isn't inappropriate for younger readers, not at all because it's not good enough for adults.  It's a modern-day fairy tale, really, but it's a fairy tale with a bit of meat to it, so that it appeals to me more than most fairy tales, while still being the kind of innocent story that can be called a fairy tale.  You might have trouble finding it as a standalone book, but if you have to get the rest of the collection -- I think it's in Memory and Dream -- that's not such a bad thing.

9 out of 10.
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