Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

One brief word from our sponsor

I haven't done this before now, because I figure that pretty much everyone who reads my journal already knows, but there may be one or two out there who haven't heard, and another one or two who need another nudge, so here you are.

Seanan McGuire is an amazing artist.  She might not actually be the best poet living today, but she's on the short list.  She's also very talented as a songwriter and performer, and she is currently gearing up to publish some music.  She's recording a studio album, and to raise money for that expensive project, she's making an album of her concert at OVFF last year.  If you were at that concert, I don't need to say any more; if you weren't, well, let's just say, you should have been.  The album won't be as good as being there, because it's just audio, but it's better than nothing.  You can pre-order it for a modest $15, including shipping.  Click here for more information.
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