Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

20 songs answers

Here are the answers to my 20 songs; I marked the ones I stumped you on with bold. (I'm giving Bill credit for recognizing "Stray Dog Man", but not the others that weren't claimed at the time; he might have known more of 'em, but he shoulda said so more clearly.)
  1. All of the parents are running around
    "Hockey Monkey", James Kochalka Superstar, Ookla cover
  2. And he must be keeper of the garden
    "Crazy Man Michael", Richard Thompson
  3. And now I know for certain the world is round
    "Discovery", Chris DeBurgh
  4. But how I miss those desert skies, your cold touch in the night
    "Benson, Arizona" (title theme from Dark Star), Bill Taylor/John Carpenter
  5. But now it's gone a bit too far; I don't see why it's me
    "Stray Dog Man", Bill Sutton
  6. I am the name in the writing on the wall
    "Merlin", Doug MacArthur
  7. I sit on the fringes with the spazzes and the fakes
    "Six Days", Gwen Knighton
  8. It doesn't last, but she knows what will
    "Velvet", Talis Kimberly
  9. It won't be pretty in Atlantic City
    "Falling Down on New Jersey", Mitchell Burnside-Clapp/trad
  10. Know the etiology and calculate the tensors
    "The Engineer's Song", Blake Hodgetts
  11. No poisons with names that we can't understand
    "Tiny Fish For Japan", Stan Rogers
  12. Rats gnawing cables in two
    "A Pict Song", Rudyard Kipling/Leslie Fish
  13. Take wing on the wind and the odor of lilies
    "Mary O'Meara", Poul Anderson/Anne Passovoy
  14. The finest drink that any bar has ever had for sale
    "307 Ale", Tom Smith
  15. The warm breeze blows gently and the red poppies dance
    "No-Man's Land", Eric Bogle
  16. The wave that carried us up the beach
    "Hope Eyrie", Leslie Fish
  17. There are days I swear I would rather have the proportionate strength of a praying mantis
    "Arthur Curry", Rand Ballavia & Adam English
  18. Thought you, my lord, that I had no kin?
    "Least of My Kind", Cat Faber
  19. To love a creature of the air
    "Dark Wine and Roses", Cecelia Eng
  20. We took these old guitars and proved them wrong
    "A Thousand Songs", Bill Steele

It seems strange that you got 10/10 of the first 10 and 5/10 of the second, given that I sorted the lines alphabetically to remove any clues that the order I thought them up in might have given. Perhaps 20 at a time is too many.
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