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Taxes, round 1

If I’m not the all-time champion procrastinator, I’m certainly in contention, which manifests itself in this instance in the fact that it was today that I started working on my taxes.

The good news:  None of the pieces of paper which I need for this, which I did believe I had, have mysteriously disappeared.  I was able to fill out my spreadsheet with the numbers, which I then copy to the regular form.

I still qualify, barely, to itemize my deductions despite not having state income tax; I get to use the table for sales tax for a small deduction.

Looking through the instructions for parts of the form I don’t normally worry about, I learned that unemployment compensation doesn’t count as income for the purposes of the EIC.  So even though I had little enough money come in that I would qualify for a credit, I don’t get one.  Grumble.

Because I elected to have 10% withheld from my unemployment checks (assuming I would have a regular job for part of the year, so that I’d be in have-to-file-estimated-tax territory if I didn’t), I get a fair sized refund.

The bad news:  I thought that unemployment compensation was not subject to state tax.  It shouldn’t be -- the same government that pays an inadequate benefit with one hand shouldn’t tax it with the other -- but I can’t find any way in the instructions to remove it from the “you owe tax on this” amount.  Which means that even after my property tax deduction, I still actually owe Uncle Rod a hundred bucks when I was not expecting to owe anything.  And there was wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Next steps: copy the numbers from the spreadsheet to the forms, find someplace I can Xerox the forms, and mail them before the end of the week.  Shouldn’t be too tough (but refer back to the beginning of this entry).

Note: I wrote this last night, but since craptastic eGIX didn’t seem to think it was worth bothering having a working connection to the Internet last night, I couldn’t post it until now.
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