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4 signs of spring

  1. When I let Meg out at “oh-dog-thirty”, my brown thrasher was singing in the yard.

  2. On my walk, I found that the first bluebells are up, and have buds showing color, though not fully open.

  3. At almost the same time, I saw the first bumblebee I’ve seen this spring.

  4. And what really inspired me to post this:
  5. Just a little farther on my walk, BUTTERFLIES!  At least three sort of nondescript anglewings, orange with some black spots.  One was especially cooperative, holding his wings open and still, and I could get close enough to see that his body had moss-green hair on it.  And a little farther along, a couple of sulfur butterflies, and another orange job that I didn’t get close to at all.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t actually expecting butterflies, so I didn’t have my camera.  I could have gotten a great picture of the one with the green hair if I had.  And also unfortunately, my calves and feet are still complaining that I abused them yesterday, so I’m not going to take a long hike in the woods today, but hopefully later this week I will.

Spring is a happy thing.
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