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Phil Parker

EFRC pictures!

Here’s a few pictures from Sunday at EFRC.

Sometime in the last couple of weeks,  EFRC’s newest rescues showed up: a group of 5 tigers which had been managed at another facility that paid so little attention to them that they didn’t realize that cubs had been born until they were 4 months old.  Four of the five are those cubs, which had no human contact at all when they were small and are basically wild.  These are poor pictures because I was not close to them, and I probably never will be.  Their unofficial nickname is “the wild bunch”.

Here we have three of the tigers hiding in some brush in the middle of their cage.

Here’s another shot of a couple of the tigers.  You can see a little of their “furniture”.

As I was coming back to my car from the far back of the new area where the wild bunch now live, I passed by Clancy, a lion I played with two years ago when he was a baby.  He’s just getting his mane now, and he looks cute.  Unfortunately, I had my long lens (Tamron 200-500mm f/6.3, for any camera geeks reading this) on the camera for photographing the wild bunch from far away, and Clancy wasn’t far enough away to get all of his head in the frame.  But I still thought this was cute.

This looks like that final picture found on a dead photographer’s camera, but I think Maggie was just playing, and I know the fence between us is secure.

Chika the bobcat is a cat you probably won’t see even if you visit EFRC, because she’s pretty shy.  But she was willing to stay in sight, so I took this picture.

This picture is one that I took actually hoping to have something worth publishing.  Nona is one of the prettier tigers we have (not that any of them are ugly), and I like the idea of a picture of her lying in the spring beauties (the little white flowers).  It didn’t turn out as well as I hoped.  You can’t see it at web resolution, but she has a bunch of leaf fragments on her head, which don’t look so great.  And I’d rather be able to show her eyes, but in the series of shots I took, she never opened her eyes more than halfway and when she did, she looked like she was glaring at the camera.
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