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Taxes done, printer stuff

Taxes finished.  I realized that I’d missed something when I did the rough draft -- because I’m paying for my health insurance this year, I actually get a deduction.  Only the part over 7.5% of my income, but my income was pretty darn small this year.  With that in the mix, I owe no Federal tax at all, and get everything I’d had withheld back.  Yay!  I got the forms filled out, I went to Office Depot and copied them, and I dropped them in the mail on my way home.

While at Office Depot I looked at printers.  The dude there thought there were a couple of places that might be able to fix my Canon i960.  And I looked at laser printers.  A monochrome laser to replace my old dead LaserJet IIp is certainly cheap enough, but I’m really tempted by the $400 color laser printers.  The Office Depot guys say that the toner cartridges that come with the printer are like 1/3 to 1/2 full, which ought to keep me in business for a year or two.  (I don’t do much printing, but I really want a laser printer because I don’t like inkjets for normal printing.)

Then I went to Best Buy.  They have a really weak selection of laser printers, but they do have the HP 2600N on sale for $300, which really temps me.  I need to go Googling and see what the Net has to say about that model.  The Best Buy guy told me that (a) the toner cartridges that came with the printer would be full, and (b) I could expect 10000 pages out of them.  (The Office Depot guy said 3000-3500 pages from full cartridges, and much less from the ones with the printer.)  I think he’s BSing me.  He didn’t have anything helpful to suggest about getting my i960 repaired; he suggested I’d have to send it away.  I’m starting to think that I should just get the new Canon 6-color printer and forget about repairing the i960.  Unfortunately, the new one uses a different series of ink tanks, nearly but not exactly identical.  I might need a new refill kit.

If anyone has any knowledge of someone local who fixes printers or personal experience with either Canon photo inkjet printers or with the HP 2550N/2600N color laser printers, or with the Brother HL-2040 that is super-cheap monochrome laser printer backup option, let me know.
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