Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

DVD Go at power-up!

The other thing I did Wednesday at Best Buy was to buy a DVD writer drive.  The CD-R/DVD Rom drive I got with my box has been flaky for months (it writes short CDs OK but full CDs have errors toward the end), and anyway I really need to be able to write DVDs, though I didn't think I needed that capability when I got the box a couple of years ago.  The cheap internal DVD drive is a Sony that does everything, including dual layer media, and only cost $91.  I was just a little nervous about actually pulling the old drive and putting in the new one, but I had no problems, the drive read the existing media I tested, I installed the Nero software without a hitch, and did a backup of everything other than photos that looked like it needed backing up, which worked fine.  And while I had the case open, I popped in the other USB card, so I actually have some free USB ports now.
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