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Adventure Photography in Illinois Farmland

Yesterday getting towards sunset, I spent a few minutes taking pictures of the red-winged blackbirds in the hayfield on the north side of my lane.  The field is dominated by blooming mustard, and the yellow and green of the field with the red and black of the blackbird seemed like something that needed to be photographed with care.  The sun angle was not really what I wanted.  So I resolved to get up early (by my standards of early, OK?) and see what I could do with the morning light and a tripod.  I got out of bed a little after 8 and headed out without eating breakfast.  An hour and a half and 180+ shots later, I decided I was too hungry to keep at it.

This is one of the decent shots, quickly chosen, and very quickly edited to show you.  It gives an idea of the effect I was trying for, at least.  I took a lot of pictures of redwings, and also photographed a meadowlark who just got back from the salon and a grackle showing off their irridescent blue to good advantage, but I wanted to post something quickly, so you only get the one quickie picture right now.

It's too nice a day to be LJing.  I should go out and take more pictures.
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