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The weather today wasn't quite so nice, so I planned to spend a bunch of time working indoors on some pictures, but I didn't make much progress.  I spent a fair bit of time working on one image, but I'm still not happy.  What really bothers me is that there are some artifacts, and I am wondering if they are a sign of a problem with the camera or just that the lens I took the picture with isn't hugely expensive.

This image is a very small part of the original image.  There are enough clean edges that I am pretty sure the image is actually in good focus, but there are blurs around several of the edges of bright areas, such as the area with the red circle.  My questions:
  1. Is this an unavoidable artifact of the equipment, or something I did wrong when I took the picture?

  2. Is there something I should have been able to do (other than use a $2000 L-series lens) to avoid it?

  3. Given the image I have, should I try to retouch these edges out?  Is the fact that this seems like it would be a really major chore a sign that I just don't have any Photoshop-fu, or is this a nasty job?

  4. Should I tell myself "the image looks fine unless you look at it with a magnifying glass, get over it"?  Should I give up on this shot?

I did better with the other things I did to distract myself.  I got all the laundry put away, a little sweeping done, and I actually dug into the pile of other people's art that has been sitting around for two years.  I had about 10 custom frames that I had made a couple of years ago, and I finally put the art into the frames, and I actually got 5 of them on walls.  In looking at the collection of stuff I now have framed and waiting to hang, I find I have an awful lot of dragons.  They're nice dragons, mind you, but still a lot of them.
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