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I keep hearing stories in the news and having random thoughts about which I think, "I should write about that in my blog," but I never do.  I need to get more practice with going from the idea of "I should write about that" to actually posting something.  So I got the idea that perhaps my friends and readers could help give me a push.  Is there a topic you'd like to see me rant about?  A question you think I should tackle?  Here's your chance.

Ground rules:
  • One idea per poster.

  • Suggest an issue in the news or a current subject of conversation. Ideally, this would take the form of a link to a news or comment piece (print only, no video or audio), with a "what do you think of this?"  Alternatively, a relevant question about an issue that's been in the headlines lately would work.

  • Since the idea is to prod me to write, not to do research, don't ask me for things I don't have any background about, unless everything I need to know is contained in the page you link to.

  • In particular, don't ask me to comment about sports or celebrities, except to the extent that they make the regular news section.

  • I may use my personal experience as material, but the idea isn't to be writing about me.  So don't, for instance, ask questions specifically about the Exotic Feline Rescue Center.  A question about
  • Optionally, suggest a tone (such as serious or snarky), or an angle from which to view the subject.  Don't, however, suggest the position I should take; writing contrary to my opinions would be a different exercise

I reserve the right to declare that I can't handle a particular topic, in which case you may select another.

The idea for this exercise is loosely stolen from cadhla's Iron Poet.  Other people I know have taken the idea and changed the form from poetry to something more suitable to their skills, so I thought I would too.  Which is not to claim that I think I'm anywhere near as brilliant a blogger as cadhla is a poet.  This is a practice exercise; I just hope it will stimulate an interesting discussion or two. Also, if you think this is something you'd like to try in your own journal, go for it.

This round will close when I am overwhelmed, or when everyone seems to be ignoring me.
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