Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Phil's home for homeless dragons

Another bout of picture-hanging ensued, and all of the framed pictures are now on the walls, and a couple of pieces moved to new places. I have two small pieces that don't have frames; as soon as I can find cheap 5×7 frames that more-or-less match the frames I have, I'll buy them.  And if I match the density of the walls that have a lot of art throughout the place, I actually have room for a fair bit more, assuming a future when I have money for more art and encounter more art that I feel like spending it on.

I also did a little cleaning as I dealt with getting to the places where the pictures were to hang, and I'm planning on more this evening.  This place is a pit, but if I could put in this much effort every day for a month, I might actually get somewhere.
Tags: home, life
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