Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

I committed instafilk!

Over in cadhla's journal, Seanan told us that one of the good things about her day was that her cat was not on fire when she woke up.  (It makes a little more sense in context.)  And I came up with an instafilk in response.  Now, I know that most of my filker friends wouldn't think of this as much of an achievement, but I don't write songs; this verse probably represets 5% of all the filk I've ever composed, so I want to remember it.

Never set the cat on fire:
It would annoy the Seanan.
The consequences would be dire --
The dies irae dawnin'.
Zombies would engulf the earth
And chainsaws scream with hellish mirth.
Lilly must not be on fire!
Tags: filk
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