Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

I cannot tell a lie

... I chopped down the cherry tree with my little hatchet.

See, there was this wild cherry tree growing up at the corner of my garage that I really should have dealt with years ago, but I didn't.  It had grown through the fence and was really damaging it, so I finally decided to take some action.  This tree is plenty big enough that I need a chainsaw for it, but unfortunately, someone stole my chainsaw a few years ago, I never got around to replacing it, and I'm not going to buy one right now.  So I hacked off the large part of the tree that was through the fence with the bow saw, which was a bit of a pain but not that bad.  However, I wanted to cut it off at the ground so the remaining bits of it wouldn't grow back and get tangled in the garage and the fence, and between the fence and the garage, I didn't have room to bring the bow saw to bear.  So back to the dog lock where I keep the tools I go, and come back with my hatchet.  After what felt like an eternity of chop for 30 seconds in a painful crouch and then stand up and shake my protesting muscles for a couple of minutes, but probably was really less than an hour, I made it through the trunk.

My body hurts.
Tags: home, life
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