Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

New Art for DucKon!

I've managed to get my art framed and ready for the art show.  It's mostly pieces you've seen before, but I have two new ones.  Don't forget to come to the art show, and while you're there, look at my stuff.  Buy art.  You know you want to.

Tuckered Out

This is actually an older photo that I've just gotten around to working on.

Contemplative Redwing

This is a shot of a red-winged blackbird from a few weeks ago that speaks to me, so I wanted to do it as a print.

Now that there's finally a schedule on the DucKon website, I can see that I really need to split myself into at least two pieces.

IIRC, there are reasonable restaurant choices in the area.  Does anyone want to go to dinner on Friday?  It appears that there is an official filk expedition descending on the prime rib buffet Saturday; I will join that unless someone offers me something better promptly.  The fact that I'm going out to dinner reflects my optimistic attitude about the job.
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