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DucKon report, part 3 - Phil's Rambling Rants
June 14th, 2006
02:10 pm


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DucKon report, part 3
Argh, I meant to include these pix in the previous post, but I didn't have them in the pile.  Sorry to clutter up your friends page, but I don't want people who looked at the last post right away to miss these birdie pix, because they're cool.

red-[tailed hawk
red-tailed hawk
[peregrine falcon
peregrine falcon
peregrine falcon
peregrine falcon
Hooded Vulture taking off
Hooded Vulture taking off

The birds in this post and the previous one are ambassadors from the World Bird Sanctuary in Missouri.  (I think I misidentified the organization as Wild Bird Sanctuary in my earlier post.)  Big kudos to DucKon for bringing in such a cool program.

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