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I'm back!

I have safely returned from musicmutt and chirosinger's wedding and my whirlwind tour of the amazing North Shore of Lake Superior.

I have a ton of things to talk about and of course no time to talk about things.  I am unlikely to go back through my friends page for the past 9 days, so if you said anything you want me to know about while I was gone, feel free to respond here with a pointer to it.

For people who were at the wedding: No useful update about the bad thing that happened to me.  Please don't talk about it now; I will post when I am ready to.  For those of you who weren't at the wedding: Sorry for being cryptic, but I need to unpack the car, triage my email, have a bite to eat, reconfigure the car for dog transport, and head into town to get some milk and be someplace at 8.  So it will probably be tomorrow before I manage to post more.
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