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Cracks in the fabric of reality, film at 11

In a clear violation of basic laws of physics, I have observed a medicine container polymorph into a collectible coin.  (Or perhaps it was the disappearance of one and the unconnected spontaneous generation of the other, but Occam's Razor suggests that if two impossible things occur in the same place at apparently the same time, they're probably connected.)

As I drove home, I used the inhaler in my briefcase.  When I got home, the inhaler had disappeared from this plane of existence; it was not only not in the briefcase where I'd put it back, it was nowhere to be found in my car.  But in the course of ransacking the car, I found a 1946 (I think it was, I already dropped it into the "weird coins" jar) Mercury dime, a coin that should never have had any reason to be carried into my car in the first place, much less to be under the passenger seat.

If I can repeat this and learn to cause more useful impossible exchanges of small objects, I might be onto something.
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