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Aw, shit.

I just got email on a list I'm on that Karen Sculac has died.

I never had the chance to meet her, and there's a good chance that nobody on my friends list even knows who she was.  But even though I don't know her personally at all, it's a personal kick in the gut.

Karen Sculac was the driving force behind Big Cats of Serenity Springs, one of the very small handful of large sanctuaries for big cats that both cares about cats and also had any kind of support for private ownership.  In other words, one of the few places a homeless cat could go without becoming a propaganda tool for animal rights.  Someone we really couldn't afford to lose.  This coming on the heels of her husband's having a heart attack that seriously limits the work he can do means it's going to be a real struggle for the sanctuary to keep going.
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