Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Golden Wok

I had dinner this evening at Golden Wok on University at about 4th.  It describes itself as Thai/Chinese, though the dishes on the menu are in fact mostly Thai.  It's very small, but it manages to cram a fair number of tables in.  A bowl of Red Curry Chicken, an egg roll, and a drink set me back $10, so it's on the high side for fast food.  But the curry I had was quite tasty; I wouldn't have complained if I'd gotten it in a regular sit-down restaurant, so I can't say it was overpriced.  Of course that's just one dish (and it was a dish that I was going to like unless they screwed it up; I love Thai curries), but I think it deserves a recommendation.
Tags: c-u, food
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