Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


When I've discussed apples before, a number of people have said that the Honeycrisp is the best there is.  I'd tried one before, and wasn't particularly impressed.  But this past week, with still no Pink Ladies on offer, I decided I'd give the Honeycrisp another try -- maybe I just got a poor one.

This apple was the size of a softball, and had a couple of blemishes, but it looked like a good apple.  And when I ate it, it had very nice crisp texture (though it was a bit thick skinned), lots of juice, and great flavor.  Distinctly tart, but sweet as well.  Maybe not quite as good as a perfect Pink Lady, but certainly close.  If this is what they're normally like, I understand why people rave about them.  Too bad this one apple, between its enormous size and huge per-pound price, cost as much as a whole bag of lesser apples.
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