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Beautiful Fall Day

Just a quick note here, mainly as a reminder to myself of the importance of getting my ass out of the house and into the woods for when I lapse into a rut of sitting around feeling blah.

I got over to Kennekuk this afternoon.  It was a beautiful day, sunny and about 55°F, a bit on the windy side.  The unseasonable cold snap has done in the insect life (I saw one tiny nondescript beige moth and no other insects at all).  There were a lot of warblers around; the only ones I could even guess at the species of appeared to be yellow-rumped but I suppose there were other species.  Also golden-crowned kinglets, goldfinches, a kingfisher, wood ducks and a small flock of yellowlegs in the artifical marsh, vulture (I believe both species), a bluebird, and some hawks overhead -- one of which appeared to have jesses (!), though he was high enough that I wasn't terribly sure even looking through the 300 mm lens.  I particularly enjoyed the sunlight in the seed heads of the 12' high grass -- truly magical light.  Once I actually got into the real woods, the peace of being out in the natural world become euphoric.  It just felt so darn *good* to be out there, I hated for my walk to be over.  But I'd wasted too much of the day before I started; I needed to get home, make dinner, and get ready for EFRC tomorrow.

I took pictures, and I meant to at least get them onto the computer, but I took my pill at 8:30, and it decided to make me very sleepy today, so I'm off to bed where I belong
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