Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

OVFF plans

If anyone is interested in planning something with me in advance, let me know (respond here, or if you want to keep it private, email me (tigertoy at livejournal dot com if you don't have another address for me)).

I'd feel warm and fuzzy if I actually knew in advance that I had something to do for dinner Friday. I'm not planning on doing the banquet Saturday, so I'd also love to arrange something for dinner Saturday. If anyone wants to plan something musical with me or include me on some plan they already have that isn't in the program, let me know that too.

Also, anyone who wants an EFRC calendar, let me know if you haven't already. I will have a few extras along, but not too many. If you won't see me in person this year, but someone you will see is coming to OVFF, have them give me your $15 and take your calendar to you. (markiv1111, is there someone coming from Mpls who could mongol yours to you?)
Tags: cons, efrc, friends
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