Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

The Time Warp

A few minutes ago, in my brain-fogged Monday morning state (I should be shambling about with outstretched arms moaning "Braaaains" this morning if I have to be out of bed at all), I looked at my watch and thought "crud, it's 11:30, I'm late taking my pill, and it's time for lunch." And I only realized half an hour later that I had forgotten to reset my watch and it was really only 10:30. It's gonna be a long wait until dinner, I fear. (Unless I do end up snacking on my officemates' brains.)

Which reminds me -- didn't our dumb-assed leaders pass something that was supposed to make the switch to daylight wasting time three weeks later in the fall and three weeks earlier in the spring? I remember thinking how huge a pain in the ass it would be because people's computers would be switching at the wrong time. Going to daylight saving time year around, I would get behind, but just changing the schedule slightly isn't worth the disruption. Did they realize it was a bad idea and quietly undo it, or did the entire country just ignore it?
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