Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Chambanacon (and Windy)

Well, it took all afternoon, but eventually I got the Hilton to take my reservation, so I have a room for Chambanacon. (A word to the wise: the hotel seems to be out of 2-bed rooms, and looks to be full enough that if you miss the deadline for the convention rate, you probably won't even be able to get a 1-bed room at the convention rate. Based on something the clerk mumbled, you might be able to book a room on the web using the group code 'CHA' -- but since I didn't know that until I'd already gotten a room by phone, I don't know if that actually works.)

If I can manage to arrange for dog care, I'll actually be at the con.

Which is the same boat as I'm in for Windycon.

The problem I have is that my older dog, Windy, is sick enough that he needs medication twice a day. I used to think that he didn't really need the pill, but lately, when I've forgotten one of the pills a couple of days running (so he got one instead of two) he's been quite noticeably droopy. Combine that with the fact that Meg has taken to stealing his food if they're fed together, and it's more than my next door neighbor is willing to handle, and I really don't want to ask someone to drive out from Champaign 4 times in a weekend, and I'm struggling to find a solution. Leaving them with the breeder is a pain for me, and although they haven't complained, it's probably a pain for them (though they have so many dogs that they may not notice a couple more for a weekend).

Somehow, I need to find a reputable dog-sitter in my area. I have a neighbor that runs a kennel; I am hoping I can persuade them to "board" my dogs at my own house. I'm currently awaiting a return phone call.
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