Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Another reason to hate spam

Awhile back, I got email at work saying that I had to take some online ethics training, and I would get a message with the details.  I didn't pay much attention, figuring I'd just wait until I got the message with the details.

Today, I got a nastygram telling me that I hadn't done it yet, the deadline is Thursday, and by the way I could face a $5000 fine for blowing it off.  But it didn't have the actual details of how to log in.  I searched my inbox.  No, I hadn't managed to ignore it when it came in.  It wasn't somehow in the trash.

Eventually I found it in the spam folder.  I don't actually get spam on that address (yet), but I have the filters set up for my other accounts where I get boatloads, and I'd accidentally enabled it for the work account as well.

So, now I've completed my required ethics training.  Basically a waste of an hour -- what isn't just common sense is stuff I already knew about Illinois law about using state facilities for political purposes.  But I guess there are people who don't have my common sense and either haven't lived in Illinois or lived under a rock and don't know that if your boss tells you to work on his brother's political campaign, you don't have to do it and are supposed to report him, and people really do need to know it.  And at least I didn't have to waste the whole day going off to a classroom to have some poor sod drone through a Powerpoint presentation of the same material.

But if the nastygram had gone into the bit bucket along with the message that told me how to log into the training and the two subsequent reminders, I could have been in hot water on Friday.  And it would all be the fault of those complete wastes of protoplasm, the sort of humans who could only make a useful contribution to life on earth if they were run through a chipper and used for fertilizer -- the spammers.
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