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Windycon is saved! - Phil's Rambling Rants — LiveJournal
November 3rd, 2006
10:23 pm


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Windycon is saved!
I have contracted with a pet sitting service for Windycon weekend.  It ain't cheap, but if it works out well, I may use them again in future.  Part of why it's so expensive is they're coming from Champaign.  I might have been able to find someone from closer, but I cleverly left my phone on the charger this morning, so I couldn't make calls back to Vermilion County.  When I made an inquiry on the dog training club mailing list and got this place, I decided to go with paying the money now so I could stop stressing about it.

So, given that I will be at Windycon, does anyone want to plan anything (other than filking, of course)?  Dinner Friday is totally open.  I will go to the filk pizza party Saturday if I don't get a better offer, but I'm willing to go out for something healthier than pizza.  Lunch Saturday is also possible.  I forget, are there any reasonable options for meals outside of the hotel that don't involve giving up my hard-won parking space?  Now that I have a job again, I don't have to bring along a cooler of sandwich stuff to save money, but I may still want to to save frustration.

There's panels that look interesting, there are concerts, and I'd like to actually spend time in the GT suite, so it's not like I'll be bored, but if anyone on my flist wants to find some time to talk or play music or whatever, it might be more likely to actually happen if we think about it ahead of time, 'cause there's plenty of distracting things going on.  Also, in the unlikely event that anyone wants to request any songs from me at the filk, if you do it ahead of time I ought to be able to practice them a time or two.  Which means when I screw them up I'll have reason to feel embarrassed...

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Date:November 6th, 2006 05:47 pm (UTC)
yay!! Have no clue at this point what my schedule will be like, other than i'm working in Reg some :) And hitting concerts....but at least you'll actually BE there, which increases my chances of saying hi :) See you soon! :)
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