Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

DucKon report

Just got back from DucKon a couple of hours ago. I'll post a quick report now; perhaps I will go into more detail later.

DucKon continues to be the most fun general-interest SF con anywhere. Great music, thanks to the efforts of janmagic and jerusha; plenty of intelligent people to talk to, thanks to GT; the best art show of any small convention I've ever attended; and a great-looking lineup of panels, though I didn't get to any of them thanks to the things I've already mentioned. Plus at least two movies I would have liked to have watched -- but having time to watch a movie at a con is a strong sign of a dull con.

I caught great concerts by Riverfolk, Susan Urban and Sandy Andina, tarkrai, musicmutt, and Rob Middleton, plus a mini-concert by Mad Scientist Guest of Honor Mitchell Burnside-Clapp assisted by filk GoH tarkrai. Apologies to the performers whose concerts I missed, but with concerts booked through the whole time the dealer's room and art show are open, what can I do?

The GT folks had a Tesla coil reportedly generating 400,000 volts, which they used to zap stacks of AOL CDs, plus some other objects including a stuffed Barney the purple dinosaur. Beautiful lightning, and highly entertaining. I took lots of pictures and got one of the CDs as a souvenir. All of the aluminum is burned off, as is all of the label; it's just a clear plastic disc, just a little melted, with an interesting tracery of lines over it.

Great open filk Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday afternoon, and Sunday night after a dinner trek to Buca di Beppo Italian restaurant. I managed to acquit myself reasonably well, to the extent that I performed a good number of songs without totally screwing up any of them, and got positive comments from several people.
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