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Phil Parker

New monitor

Technology marches on.

For the last couple of years, the monitor on my home PC has been the Sony 21" tube I had used at Prairie City.  (Chris gave me the monitor as part of my severance package, since with the office shutting down he really didn't need it, and while it was an expensive piece of equipment when it was new, I doubt it would have been worth the shipping cost to a buyer at that time.)  It served me well for these two years, despite being so big and heavy I had to get a sturdier table to hold it, but a few weeks ago it started having a little trouble with its horizontal sync, and the problems were getting worse.

So today I went to Best Buy to see if they had anything in stock that would do 1600x1200.  I now have a Samsung SyncMaster 204B, because it was the only model they had that was better than 1280x1024.  I probably paid a little too much, but getting it today without having to worry about where to have it shipped (having a moderately expensive piece of hardware sitting outside my house in the rain doesn't appeal) and whether it would arrive (a) before the Sony stopped working at all and (b) while I was not out of town, such as GaFilk, is worth something.

The instructions and documentation are the worst Engrish* I've seen in a long time, but the monitor seems to work OK.  It can even rotate from landscape to portrait, which is kind of cool, though I'm not sure if it will really be useful.  It seems to be fine with analog input (which is fortunate since my machine doesn't have a DVI connector -- when I got the machine flat panel displays were still an extra-cost option, so I didn't bother to spend extra to support something I wasn't expecting to use).

The software CD also has a very fine "feature" where if you're not using IE as your browser, it won't launch any of the installers and instead tells you (in Engrish) to go find them yourself.  While I'm not going to return the monitor over this, it does honk me off.  I'm tempted to write a letter to Samsung to the effect that their assumption that people who don't use IE don't need to be supported makes me think I should have bought a ViewSonic -- but since I can't write the letter in Korean, they probably wouldn't understand it anyway.

*Perhaps it is not truly correct to call very badly translated text Engrish when the original language was (one assumes) Korean rather than Japanese.  But it has the same feel.
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