Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Stars Fall Home

The incomparable Seanan McGuire (aka cadhla) is currently almost finished with recording her first studio album.  Preorders just opened yesterday, and over 40% of the available preorder copies have already been snapped up.  If you're a well-wired filker you probably already know about this, but you might be procrastinating: don't, or you might have to settle for getting it from your friendly filk dealer.  If you know who Seanan is but you aren't well connected, but you happen to be reading my journal, you can no longer say "but nobody told me".  And finally, if you're not a filker and have never heard of this amazing poet, writer, songwriter, singer, and all-around crazy person (and I mean that in the best possible way), go check out her website.  Pay particular attention to the music samples on the albums page.  I mentioned this is her first studio album, but she has released a live album -- the recording of a concert she did at OVFF in October of 2005.  In a single take before a large live audience, in a show aimed at the audience and not the microphones, bringing in a metric boatload of supporting musicians who only had the benefit of small amounts of rehearsal time (since many of them live in totally different parts of the country), she produced one of the best filk albums ever, even with warts like audience noise and a vocalist with a very unfortunate cough.  With this album, we'll get to see fully polished, professional production.  It is going to be far beyond awesome.  You aren't going to believe that an artist who would label herself a filker could possibly be this good.  And you have the chance to get a personally signed preorder copy of an album that's going to be seriously collectible when Seanan starts racking up Grammys.

So go here and preorder.  And if you never heard of Seanan, chances are she never heard of you, so tell her I sent you in the comments.
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